Spiritual Development
Spiritual Development Spiritual Development Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

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One of the biggest goals is for our children to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and enter into a relationship with Him. We pray that as a result, our children will live for God and love others. Working with our partners around the world, we have prioritized projects relating to spiritual development, including the examples below. We’re asking you to help us fund high priority spiritual development projects. By giving to this fund, you allow us to provide things like Bibles, Evangelistic Events, and Spiritual Development Events.


Help children know they are worth more by providing a Bible in their own language. Hearing and reading Bible stories in their own language helps VisionTrust children understand and experience the love of God. When the barrier of translation is removed, the Bible is more accessible to VisionTrust children and their families. Having access to a Bible in your own language is a special gift – you can help make that gift possible to VisionTrust children today!

Evangelistic Events

Through these events, our staff will be able to share the Gospel with the children and their communities. This will be a time where the story of Jesus is shared with those who attend. We want to see our children and teenagers connect with God during this time, and our hope and prayer is that it will energize our children and staff to spread the love of Christ to those around them long after the event has ended.

Spiritual Development Events

Help children and teenagers grow in the knowledge of God through Spiritual Development Events, such as camps and retreats. These gatherings are a great opportunity for children and teens to come together to learn more about Christ. They are a time full of fellowship with each other and messages that challenge them to think more deeply about their faith. These events can also be a great opportunity to share the Gospel and extend the opportunity for VisionTrust children to accept Christ and follow Him.