Sanitation & Hygiene
Sanitation & Hygiene Sanitation & Hygiene Sanitation & Hygiene

Sanitation & Hygiene

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Handwashing Stations

Help children stay healthy with a handwashing stations! Handwashing stations have soap and running water that remove germs and bacteria, keeping VisionTrust children healthy. Many of our programs have designated areas for the children to wash their hands at crucial moments of the day, such as when they arrive, before eating, after using the toilet, etc. Now, more than ever, our children need multiple places with multiple access points to wash their hands all while social distancing from each other.

Health Education

When it comes to healthy habits, educating our children on why they do what they do is important. When they understand that washing their hands prevents disease and brushing their teeth prevents tooth decay, they are more likely to accept these practices. When children can understand and practice healthy habits in a supportive environment, they begin to naturally incorporate them into their daily routine.


Help keep our programs safe and clean by providing a latrine! Latrines help prevent the spread of illness and disease. Using the toilet is a common everyday occurrence. However, in some of our programs, we do not have the availability of a safe latrine. Help build safe and private latrines for both boys and girls to use, as well as the program staff that care for them.