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In order to stay healthy and have the ability to fight an illness or disease, our children need to have good nutrition. Working with our partners around the world, we have prioritized projects relating to nutrition, including the examples below. We’re asking you to help us fund high priority nutrition projects. By giving to this fund, you allow us to provide food, sustainable farming, and nutrition-related health initiatives.

Nutritious Food

Nutritious food is important for a healthy, working body. In many areas where we work, food is scare and hard to come by, especially during difficult seasons of life (pandemic, drought, floods, natural disasters, etc.). When children receive nourishing meals, it not only fosters physical growth, but also has a positive impact on their ability to learn and concentrate in school. Now, more than ever, our children need food to nourish their bodies as we recover from the pandemic. Through the gift of much-needed food, you can help VisionTrust children and families experience God’s sustaining love in a practical and tangible way.


Currently, we have Farm-Gardens in the Dominican Republic and Malawi. These Farm-Gardens serve many purposes. They are used to grow and harvest food for the children and staff in our programs. They also provide food to sell to help fund the ministry in the local community. Farm-Gardens create a sense of responsibility among the children and staff, and they also afford the opportunity to share stories in the Bible that relate to the topics of gardens, planting, and harvesting.

Deworming & Vitamin Supplementation

Even with VisionTrust’s feeding programs, many of our children around the world struggle to receive the nutrients they need daily. Ongoing challenges regarding access to clean, safe water and nutritious food require more aggressive feeding programs, deworming, and additional health resources. Parasites rob children of the little nourishment they may receive daily. The infection is chronic and can have severe effects on all aspects of a child’s development. This includes the ability to fight off disease, cognitive development delay, and learning challenges. To ensure the health of these children, help VisionTrust provide deworming and vitamin supplementation.