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Knowledge is power. For our children around the world, having a good education is extremely important for them to overcome the cycle of poverty. Working with our partners around the world, we have prioritized projects relating to education, including the examples below. We’re asking you to help us fund high-priority education projects. By giving to this fund, you allow us to provide things like books, classroom supplies, and school fees.


Literacy is a vital building block of learning. Help children learn to read and develop a love of learning by providing books! Books are a great way to build the foundations of literacy and set a child up for success. Not only does reading have an educational impact, but reading together with others helps grow bonds of friendship.

School & Classroom Supplies

Help fill a classroom with supplies to help our children succeed, such as desks, chalkboards, paper, pencils, pens, technology, etc. A child’s ability to learn is impacted by the classroom environment. Help the children of VisionTrust have the right tools and resources to make learning fun, engaging, and hands-on.

School Fees

Help children attain an education and be set up for their future by assisting them with their school fees. Sometimes traditional sponsorship support is not enough to cover all the school fees a child may have. In a handful of our countries (the Central African Republic, India, and Guatemala), additional school fees are needed because a public school education is not enough, and this extra support goes towards a higher quality education. For example, our Leaning Centers in Guatemala have a virtual/distance education program for our secondary students since options are limited in their local community.