Jannet Barclay
Jannet Barclay Jannet Barclay

Jannet Barclay

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Liberty Baptist Christian School

Female | Age: 6 | Birthdate: October 7, 2016

Jannet lives with her family in the Dumbar Town community. She helps her mother with garden work to support their family, Jannet enjoys drawing and art and playing group games with other children Although the typical home is constructed from cement blocks, with a thatched roof, and a dirt or cement floor, they often use any material at hand, including metal and wood. There is no electricity, plumbing or water. They must retrieve their water from either a creek or pond. For many children in this community, this is their first opportunity to attend school. Your sponsorship would provide for critical needs through nutritious meals, basic health care, education, and spiritual truth. Jannet also attends church. Your love and support will help her receive the assistance she as she learns to live for God and love others.

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In the 15 years since their Civil war, the economy in Gbarnga has not improved. The most troubling thing about Gbarnga and its suburbs is the rising levels of vagrancy and criminality among its youth. The population of Gbarnga are among the most disadvantaged people in the country, and the rural areas have the highest illiteracy rate and incidence of child poverty in the country. VisionTrust is partnering with this community to help these children, by providing them with food, medical care, education, and by showing them how much they are loved by God.