Bongani Sibanda

Bongani Sibanda

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Chasiyatende, Zimbabwe

Male | Age: 16 | Birthdate: April 22, 2004

Bongani lives with his grandmother in the rural village of Chasiyatende, where the typical home is constructed from mud bricks, with a grass roof and mud floor. There is no plumbing, electricity or running water and they must collect their water from the river or an unprotected well. Bongani must help his grandmother with many of the household chores. He washes clothes, farms, gathers firewood and carries the water they need for daily use. In Chasiyatende, Bongani will face many environmental and social challenges including malnutrition, AIDS and child abuse. Your sponsorship makes it possible for Bongani to attend school where he will receive nutritious food, basic health care and learn about Gods love for him. He also attends church. Bongani enjoys reading and listening to music. Please remember to pray for Bongani. Your love and support will help him receive the assistance he needs to develop to his full potential.

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Out of Zimbabwe's 15 million people, more than 1.3 million are orphans, making it the country with the highest number of orphans per capita worldwide. Parents usually die from the country's staggering HIV/AIDS epidemic often leaving older children burdened with the task of raising their younger siblings. Through the VisionTrust Zimbabwe program, we are able to help feed, educate and disciple these children.