Jose Fabrizio Quispe Cordova

Jose Fabrizio Quispe Cordova

$40 / month


Primitiva Learning Center

Male | Age: 12 | Birthdate: August 5, 2008

Jose lives in the impoverished area of Ayacucho, Peru where living conditions are often very difficult. His father is ill and cannot work but his mother works in the local market to provide support for the family. Because many of the parents are seasonal farm workers, children are often left alone for long periods of time. Alcoholism, domestic violence and witchcraft are all social challenges prevalent in this community. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Jose to attend the Learning Center where he will receive tutoring, food, and basic dental and medical care. He will hear Bible stories and learn Bible verses in a warm and loving environment. When Jose is not assisting with household chores, he enjoys drawing and riding bicycles. Please remember Jose in your prayers. Your love and support will help Jose receive the assistance he needs as he learns to live for God and love others.

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Ayacucho has a history of violence that has left the people’s hearts full of anger as they struggle daily against poverty. The Quechua people are seasonal farmers, earning mere dollars a day. Often, this means children are left unsupervised late into the night, or for weeks at a time, while their parents work on farms. VisionTrust’s local heroes in Ayacucho aim to share the love of Jesus by providing a safe and nurturing environment at the Learning Center for these vulnerable children.