Yomairis Tejeda

Yomairis Tejeda

Every month

Dominican Republic

San Miguel School

Female | Age: 8 | Birthdate: May 30, 2013

Yomairis is a happy child who lives with her family in the impoverished area of Bellas Colinas de San Miguel, where the typical home is constructed from wood, with a tin roof and a cement or dirt floor. Yomairis lives in an environment where child abandonment, prostitution and alcoholism are common social issues. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Yomairis to attend school and the Learning Center where she will receive tutoring, basic medical attention and food in a loving Christian atmosphere. She attends Bible classes and learns about God. Some of her favorite activities are playing with dolls, drawing and running. She is doing excellent in her virtual classes and would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Please remember to pray for her. Your love and support will help Yomairis receive the assistance she needs to develop to her full potential.

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San Miguel is part of a slum community called Manoguayabo in the west part of Santo Domingo. Like many other neighborhoods in the DR, it was created by land invaders looking for a place to live in the capital. A large population of Haitians live here farming and harvesting sugar cane. Most families only earn about 200 dollars a month. VisionTrust partners with the Learning Center to provide preschool education, nutritional snacks, healthcare, tutoring, and spiritual mentoring to children in this area.