Josenny Grisel Jimenez Rodriguez

Josenny Grisel Jimenez Rodriguez

Every month

Dominican Republic

Mi Esperanza

Female | Age: 6 | Birthdate: February 8, 2016

Josenny Grisel lives with her family in Sabana Perdida. The living conditions are difficult with the typical home being two rooms with electricity but without indoor plumbing. The common social problems in this community are illiteracy, unemployment, drugs, alcohol and many children are abandoned by their parents before the age of ten. Through your sponsorship Josenny Grisel will be able to attend school where she will receive an education, medical and dental attention, food, and Bible lessons in a warm caring environment. In addition, Josenny Grisel attends Bible classes that teach her to live for God and love others. Josenny Grisel enjoys playing volleyball. She helps at home by running errands. Please remember to pray for Josenny Grisel. Your love and support will help her receive the assistance she needs to develop to her full potential.

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Sabana Perdida, a slum in the capital city, is full of drugs, gangs and prostitution—ways people try to survive in the community. The families there have little food and an overabundance of parasites caused by polluted water. VisionTrust partners with Colegio Educativo Cristiano, a school for children ages pre-school to 7th grade. This ministry brings hope as children experience the love of God and receive help for needs such as food, clean water, a quality education, and medical care.