Yessit Wanda Olivero Encarnacion

Yessit Wanda Olivero Encarnacion

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Dominican Republic

Hogar de Ninos Tia Tatiana

Female | Age: 17 | Birthdate: July 28, 2003

Yessit lives with her parents in the impoverished area of Herrera where her household responsibilities include washing dishes. The typical home is made from cement blocks, with a cement floor. Most of these homes have intermittent electricity, and they must purchase their drinking water. Unemployment, domestic violence, drugs and local gangs are common social issues which make life more challenging for Yessit. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Yessit to attend school where she will receive a school uniform, books, food, and dental and medical care. She will hear the Gospel presented through Christian curriculum taught at school and learn of Jesus love for her. Yessit attends Sunday school. She enjoys drawing. Please remember Yessit in your prayers. Your love and support will help Yessit receive the assistance she needs to develop to her full potential.

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Herrera is an inner-city slum in Santo Domingo where drugs, gangs, and prostitution are just a few ways people try to survive. Neighborhood children are often exposed to dangerous lifestyles that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Hogar de Niños Tia Tatiana is a K-12 school in the heart of Herrera where our Local Heroes show the love of God to their students by providing education, nutritious food, and discipleship.