Nicolly Sophia Almeida Queiroz

Nicolly Sophia Almeida Queiroz

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Goiania Project 1

Female | Age: 9 | Birthdate: March 13, 2013

Nicolly Sophia lives in an extremely poor area of Goiania where the typical house is made of concrete block and mortar. Her family works but still finds it difficult to provide for their family. In addition to financial struggles, Nicolly Sophia and her family live in an environment where drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence are common social issues. Through your sponsorship, Nicolly Sophia will be able to attend the Learning Center where she will receive loving Christian care, tutoring, nourishing meals, and medical care that her family cannot supply for her. Nicolly Sophia participates in Bible classes where she learns more about God. You can often find Nicolly Sophia playing with dolls or playing soccer with the other children. Your love and support will help Nicolly Sophia receive the assistance she needs to develop to her full potential.

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Although Brazil is South America's leading economic power; drugs, prostitution, unemployment and violence pollute the community of Jardim Dom Fernando 11 in Goiania. These issues combined with absent parents and divorce negatively affect the local youth. The Learning Center improves the kids' nutrition and teaches the saving grace of God through Bible stories, plays, and family visitations.